More Like "Faily" Doofus

The time you’ve been dreading since your birth has come, when the Daily Doofus begins to decrease in dailiness. Just, dear wretch, think of “Daily Doofus” as a figure of speech, not as the literal-as-hell statement it has been lo this long fortnight-and-a-half.

Here are some more accurate insults for my website that you can secretly call it in your head, and which still alliterate like everybody likes:

Weekly Weiner Dot Com
Fortnightly Frumpus Dot Com
Monthly Moron Dot Com
Seasonal Simp Dot Com
Yearly Yellerbelly Dot Com
Annual Assface Dot Com
Decadal Dumpus Dot Com
Centennial Sump pump Dot Com
Millenial Mumpus Dot Com

There’s no amount of time longer than a thousand years, so expect updates every thousand years, on the ‘009 sharp.

Wait patiently and twirl your hair