Get Rich Slow Scheme

Here's the 2011 roundup, who I sent what to, who made a mistake (most of them), and who's brainy (a handful).

Publication Work Sent Date Sent Reply Some Bucks?
Brain Harvest Molybdenum 1/4/11 Rejected
Apex Book Company My Nautical Neighbor 1/8/11 Rejected
Dark Recesses My Nautical Neighbor 1/20/11 Rejected
Brain Harvest Miscegenation 1/26/11 Rejected
Hollins University Contest A Key On Her Finger 2/3/11 Rejected
Hollins University Contest A Man Rode A Metal Horse 2/3/11 Rejected
Brain Harvest A Gift 2/20/11 Rejected
Charles Johnson Contest Eel-Thing 2/25/11 Rejected
Ginny Wray Contest Eel-Thing 3/14/11 Rejected
Italics Mine Fatted Calf ?/?/?? Accepted Pro Bono
Brain Harvest Fatted Calf 5/5/11 Rejected
Light Speed Magazine A Man Rode A Metal Horse 6/1/11 Rejected
One Buck Horror A Key On Her Finger 6/2/11 Rejected
Arcane Magazine Eel-Thing 6/3/11 Rejected
Port Iris A Man Rode A Metal Horse 6/3/11 Rejected
Zombie Attack A Zombie 6/3/11 Rejected
Absent Willow Charr & Chavroof 6/3/11 Rejected
Basement Stories Tower Of The Sea Witch 6/5/11 Rejected
Colored Lens Embitterment On A Bridge 6/8/11 Rejected
An Electric Tragedy Embitterment On A Bridge 6/9/11 Withdrawn
Pseudopod Miscegenation 6/9/11 Rejected
Murky Depths Fatted Calf 6/9/11 Rejected
Niteblade Last Drop 6/9/11 Rejected
Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet Bob White (poem) 6/10/11 No Reply
Flagship Charr & Chavroof 6/11/11 No Reply
Pill Hill Press Last Drop 6/16/11 Rejected
Chiaroscuro Quodvultdeus 6/21/11 Rejected
Arcane Magazine Embitterment On A Bridge 6/22/11 Rejected
Brain Harvest Bob White (tale) 6/22/11 Rejected
Pseudopod De Slang 6/26/11 Rejected
Mixer Publishing My Nautical Neighbor 6/27/11 Rejected
Chainbooks MacArthur's Potatoes 6/30/11 Accepted O Yeah
Literary Hatchet Desclozeaux 7/3/11 No Reply
Tainted Tea Cecily Garden 7/6/11 No Reply
Linger Fiction Miscegenation 7/12/11 Rejected
Thieves Jargon Embitterment On A Bridge 7/13/11 No Reply
The Gloaming A Key On Her Finger 7/13/11 Rejected
Something Wicked Eel-Thing 7/31/11 Rejected
Title Goes Here De Slang 8/28/11 No Reply
The Incongruous Quarterly Impersonator Night 9/13/11 No Reply
Big Pulp Bob White (tale) 9/29/11 Rejected
Buzzy mag Embitterment On A Bridge 10/1/11 No Reply
Lissette’s Tales of the Imagination Eel-Thing 10/19/11 Rejected
Abyss & Apex Pump Retrospective: 2049-2053 11/3/11 Rejected
Result Jelly A Man Rode A Metal Horse 11/14/11 No Reply
Stupefying Stories Eel-Thing 11/25/11 Rejected
Daily Science Fiction Miscegenation 11/28/11 Rejected
Stupefying Stories The Voice Of Temperence 12/20/11 No Reply

I'm hanging it up