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Dreams</a></h2>April 3, 2018<br> <h2><a href=misnicus.html>What Does A Word Mean</a></h2>March 10, 2018<br> <h2><a href=melody.html>They Are The Same Melody</a></h2>February 26, 2018<br> <h2><a href=finger.html>"Digital Finger"</a></h2>February 3, 2018<br> <h2><a href=squatch.html>"Bigfoot" Sighting</a></h2>January 29, 2018<br> <h2><a href=president.html>Coincidence Or Nah?</a></h2>January 4, 2018<br> <h2><a href=ong.html>Wrong, Wrong, Wrong</a></h2>December 9, 2017<br> <h2><a href=wrong.html>What They Got Wrong About Depictions of Fish</a></h2>November 12, 2017<br> <h2><a href=web.html>A "Surf" Down Memory Lane</a></h2>October 28, 2017<br> <h2><a href=nose.html>Career Move</a></h2>October 9, 2017<br> <h2><a href=ref.html>How To Tell If It's Wrong</a></h2>September 18, 2017<br> <h2><a href=photog.html>Gelatin Silver Photo Eat</a></h2>August 27, 2017<br> <h2><a href=pimp.html>Teenage Bitmap Gallery</a></h2>July 29, 2017<br> <h2><a href=babbler.html>Curse Babbler</a></h2>June 10, 2017<br> <h2><a href=goose.html>The Priests Of The Geese Or The Prousts Of The Goose?</a></h2>May 31, 2017<br> <h2><a href=dox.html>Do Curses Work Against People Who Dox/What If I Get Doxed</a></h2>May 21, 2017<br> <h2><a href=essay.html>"I'm A Man Of My</a></h2>April 18, 2017<br> <h2><a href=hen.html>I'm Allowed To Go On A Media Blintz</a></h2>March 4, 2017<br> <h2><a href=arch.html>The Obverted Arch</a></h2>February 6, 2017<br> <h2><a href=self.html>Should I Do It</a></h2>January 21, 2017<br> <h2><a href=doorcloser.html>Door Closer Naming Contest</a></h2>December 21, 2016<br> <h2><a href=law.html>Schranz's Law</a></h2>November 21, 2016<br> <h2><a href=fog.html>Chum Salmon Moon</a></h2>November 13, 2016<br> <h2><a href=dad.html>Let Me Go As My Father</a></h2>October 26, 2016<br> <h2><a href=syllable.html>Inauspicious Be The Number Seven</a></h2>September 25, 2016<br> <h2><a href=mult.html>Book Of Good Germs Problem</a></h2>August 21, 2016<br> <h2><a href=jars.html>How To Learn About Canopic Jars</a></h2>July 15, 2016<br> <h2><a href=vale.html>Crime Of The Valedictorian</a></h2>June 5, 2016<br> <h2><a href=ancestry.html>Buy My Ancestry</a></h2>May 21, 2016<br> <h2><a href=tapes.html>Uh-Oh</a></h2>April 9, 2016<br> <h2><a href=billy.html>Unsolicited Opinions About "How Billy the Conqueror Took Back the Greenwood"</a></h2>March 14, 2016<br> <h2><a href=ghoul.html>How To Nab A Ghoul</a></h2>February 6, 2016<br> <h2><a href=microwave.html>I Zazz Up Your Microwave Instructions</a></h2>January 3, 2016<br> <h2><a href=coin.html>Your Online Guide To Coin Trickery</a></h2>December 5, 2015<br> <h2><a href=vertical.html>Let's Play Verticalizer</a></h2>November 8, 2015<br> <h2><a href=problem.html>Problem</a></h2>October 26, 2015<br> <h2><a href=zodiac.html>Let My E-Seer Guess Your Birthsign</a></h2>October 9, 2015<br> <h2><a href=review.html>Zero Out Of Zero Stars</a></h2>October 2, 2015<br> <h2><a href=wetland.html>Finally, A Wetland Questionnaire</a></h2>September 22, 2015<br> <h2><a href=maze.html>Escape From My Maze</a></h2>August 22, 2015<br> <h2><a href=shroud.html>Pronoun Stuff In Grimm's FTs</a></h2>July 31, 2015<br> <h2><a href=pov.html>POV WTF</a></h2>July 6, 2015<br> <h2><a href=kites.html>Sprinkles Will Wreck Their Kites</a></h2>June 19, 2015<br> <h2><a href=oliver.html>The Tale Of Oliver The Waggon</a></h2>June 3, 2015<br> <h2><a href=fffff.html>Flight Of The Fifty Fancies</a></h2>May 24, 2015<br> <h2><a href=reviews.html>Book Reviews</a></h2>May 13, 2015<br> <h2><a href=totem.html>Totem</a></h2>May 1, 2015<br> <h2><a href=plots.html>B-Movie Plot Generator</a></h2>April 25, 2015<br> <h2><a href=ooze.html>Mouth Of Ooze Monotype</a></h2>April 22, 2015<br> <h2><a href=caketaster.html>Digital Cake Taster</a></h2>April 16, 2015<br> <h2><a href=webring.html>I'll Have The Web Ring</a></h2>April 13, 2015<br> <h2><a href=russia.html>8?5@AAK;:0 ?>60;C9AB0</a></h2>March 18, 2015<br> <h2><a href=capitals.html>National Capitals Cheat Sheet</a></h2>March 13, 2015<br> <h2><a href=lillet.html>Jonathan Franzen's Interview With Lillet Fernseed</a></h2>March 4, 2015<br> <h2><a href=data.html>I Don't Think People Use The Internet For What I Think They Use It For</a></h2>February 27, 2015<br> <h2><a href=process.html>Behind The Scenes</a></h2>February 21, 2015<br> <h2><a href=diction.html>Top Twenty One Dictionary.com Example Sentences</a></h2>February 13, 2015<br> <h2><a href=expert.html>Ask The Expert</a></h2>February 7, 2015<br> <h2><a href=thorn.html>How Did This Thorn Get In My Bed?</a></h2>February 3, 2015<br> <h2><a href=seven.html>Seven Rejection Letters</a></h2>January 19, 2015<br> <h2><a href=islands.html>An Inversn</a></h2>January 8, 2015<br> <h2><a href=hobbit.html>Synopsis of Peter Jackson's <i>Hobbit III: Infinite War 3D</i></a></h2>January 3, 2015<br> <h2><a href=clams.html>How Many Fiction-Clams Have I Acquired?</a></h2>December 15, 2014<br> <h2><a href=sartor.html>Sartor Resartus</a></h2>November 30, 2014<br> <h2><a href=more.html>I Can Watch Forever</a></h2>November 23, 2014<br> <h2><a href=gigantic.html>Gigantic Herb Museum</a></h2>November 13, 2014<br> <h2><a href=woods.html>Thirty Festive Tips For Living Near The Woods</a></h2>November 4, 2014<br> <h2><a href=spaceship.html>A Spaceship You Go On</a></h2>October 27, 2014<br> <h2><a href=car.html>I Lied And The Cars Believed Me</a></h2>October 18, 2014<br> <h2><a href=goals.html>All The Goals</a></h2>October 9, 2014<br> <h2><a href=mushroom.html>A Mushroom Came Out Of My Desk</a></h2>September 6, 2014<br> <h2><a href=dreams.html>The Cat And The Dreams</a></h2>August 28, 2014<br> <h2><a href=vote.html>The People I Tailgate Relentlessly Are Far Too Mysterious</a></h2>August 8, 2014<br> <h2><a href=five.html>Big Deal Alert</a></h2>July 19, 2014<br> <h2><a href=myst.html>What A "Mist" erious Game</a></h2>June 24, 2014<br> <h2><a href=justtwo.html>Thank You All For Your Overwhelmingly Inexhaustible Emails</a></h2>June 16, 2014<br> <h2><a href=haunted.html>Haunted House Diagram</a></h2>June 11, 2014<br> <h2><a href=policy.html>Let's Set Some Ground Rules</a></h2>June 1, 2014<br> <h2><a href=kehama.html>The Curse Of Kehama Turns Four</a></h2>May 26, 2014<br> <h2><a href=life.html>The Pain</a></h2>May 12, 2014<br> <h2><a href=cluck.html>How About YOUR Tweet?</a></h2>May 9, 2014<br> <h2><a href=caw.html>I Don't Know What To Tweet</a></h2>May 2, 2014<br> <h2><a href=ice.html>Why Do They Always Have To Say It</a></h2>April 20, 2014<br> <h2><a href=trash.html>Buy My Trashy Fiction</a></h2>April 2, 2014<br> <h2><a href=bart.html>Bhaigan Bharta</a></h2>March 26, 2014<br> <h2><a href=elephant.html>"The Elephants' Adventure"</a></h2>March 10, 2014<br> <h2><a href=untitled.html>Lounge Lizard</a></h2>March 7, 2014<br> <h2><a href=version.html>This Website Depicts An Idealized Version Of Me</a></h2>March 1, 2014<br> <h2><a href=today.html>Step By Step February The Twenty-Third, Two Thousand And Fourteen Instructions</a></h2>February 24, 2014<br> <h2><a href=baseball.html>This Whole "Sell Your Novel" Fad Isn't Up My Alley</a></h2>February 19, 2014<br> <h2><a href=diy.html>M.O.O.Y.O. A.K.A. D.I.Y.</a></h2>February 6, 2014<br> <h2><a href=tourism.html>North Korean Tourism</a></h2>January 11, 2014<br> <h2><a href=board.html>Don't Bother With Internet Explorer</a></h2>January 7, 2014<br> <h2><a href=experiment.html>Experimentations Upon A Post</a></h2>January 4, 2014<br> <h2><a href=problems.html>New Year's Problem Medley</a></h2>January 4, 2014<br> <h2><a href=venery.html>Venery In The Court Of Nicholas</a></h2>December 21, 2013<br> <h2><a href=novel.html>I Appreciate My Readers; May I Ask Them A Favor?</a></h2>December 9, 2013<br> <h2><a href=buddha.html>Useful Buddha Quotes</a></h2>November 25, 2013<br> <h2><a href=spits.html>FAQ About "It Spits You Out, And Twelve More Stories To Rub Your Chin To"</a></h2>November 17, 2013<br> <h2><a href=misfits.html>Who Stole What From Whom?</a></h2>November 12, 2013<br> <h2><a href=clowns.html>The Gift Of Clownes Wound-Wort</a></h2>October 14, 2013<br> <h2><a href=temblor.html><font color=DD8800>Temblor</a></h2>October 13, 2013<br></font> <h2><a href=chums.html>OkayChums.biz</a></h2>October 6, 2013<br> <h2><a href=canada.html>I will Never Move To Canada</a></h2>October 1, 2013<br> <h2><a href=gematria.html>Decide Which Religion Numerology Proves</a></h2>September 5, 2013<br> <h2><a href=portuguese.html>English To Portuguese Dictionary</a></h2>August 25, 2013<br> <h2><a href=badword.html>The Bad Word Boyz</a></h2>August 14, 2013<br> <h2><a href=sleep.html>More Things I Wrote In My Sleep With Bonus Ones From Before</a></h2>August 9, 2013<br> <h2><a href=marieclaire.html>Marie-Claire Alain</a></h2>July 24, 2013<br> <h2><a href=nightmares.html>Spot The Air-Travel Nightmare</a></h2>July 17, 2013<br> <h2><a href=blackmetal.html>Black Metal Guesses</a></h2>July 1, 2013<br> <h2><a href=threeminute.html>Comparative Literature</a></h2>June 11, 2013<br> <h2><a href=fearnpanic.html>Fear 'N' Panic: The Mystery Of Horror Mountain</a></h2>June 9, 2013<br> <h2><a href=rang.html>Psychoanalytic Primatology</a></h2>May 23, 2013<br> <h2><a href=contradiction.html>The Law Of Noncontradiction Either Is True Or May Be True</a></h2>May 15, 2013<br> <h2><a href=eggmeister.html>Die Eggmeister</a></h2>May 8, 2013<br> <h2><a href=organ.html>Greek Philosophers And French Organists Are 100% Analogous</a></h2>April 13, 2013<br> <h2><a href=timecube.html>It's About Bloody Time Cube</a></h2>April 8, 2013<br> <h2><a href=bank.html>The Bank Stick-Em-Up</a></h2>April 1, 2013<br> <h2><a href=march.html>March Schmarch</a></h2>March 21, 2013<br> <h2><a href=dimension.html>Dimension Yellow Dimension</a></h2>February 20, 2013<br> <h2><a href=closed.html>To The Readers Of Daily D.D. Literary Magazine</a></h2>February 17, 2013<br> <h2><a href=blackflame.html>Rock Band Bad At Truth</a></h2>February 17, 2013<br> <h2><a href=dentist.html>I Am A HUGE Dentist</a></h2>January 29, 2013<br> <h2><a href=defriend.html><blink>&iexcl;Find Out Who Defriended You On Facebook!</blink></a></h2>January 11, 2013<br> <h2><a href=relaxation.html>Your Relaxation Tape</h2></a>December 19, 2012<br> <h2><a href=world.html>Around The World In Nine Hours</h2></a>December 13, 2012<br> <h2><a href=nick.html>Holiday Eve With The Beach Boys</h2></a>November 24, 2012<br> <h2><a href=what.html>What Does It Means All?</h2></a>November 21, 2012<br> <h2><a href=dailydd.html>The Daily Doofus's Literary Magazine Is Open For Submissions!</h2></a>November 12, 2012<br> <h2><a href=menu.html>What's On Le Menu?</h2></a>November 9, 2012<br> <h2><a href=choice.html>People's Choice Awards</h2></a>November 8, 2012<br> <h2><a href=october.html>October The Month</h2></a>October 17, 2012<br> <h2><a href=astonishing.html>Astonishing Tales Of The Sea</h2></a>October 5, 2012<br> <h2><a href=ramayana.html>The Ramayana Monkey Chant</h2></a>September 21, 2012<br> <h2><a href=sleep.html>Things I Wrote In My Sleep</h2></a>September 9, 2012<br> <h2><a href=hadeaneon.html>Hadea Neon Or: Questions And Answers</h2></a>September 3, 2012<br> <h2><a href=seas.html>An Encyclopdic Index Of All Seven Seas</h2></a>September 1, 2012<br> <h2><a href=olympics.html>The Olympics Are Trying To Get You</h2></a>August 15, 2012<br> <h2><a href=conditional.html>What A World Of Conditional Sentences!</h2></a>August 5, 2012<br> <h2><a href=dilation1.html>Time Dilation For Children</h2></a>August 3, 2012<br> <h2><a href=merch.html>Merch</h2></a>August 3, 2012<br> <h2><a href=query.html>How To Write An Effective Query Letter</h2></a>July 6, 2012<br> <h2><a href=submission.html>Sad Grandma</h2></a>July 5, 2012<br> <h2><a href=towel.html>I'm Throwing In The Towel</h2></a>July 3, 2012<br> <h2><a href=hits.html>Virus Or Web-Hoax?</h2></a>June 10, 2012<br> <h2><a href=chewingenglish.html>Of The Chewing Dead</h2></a>June 5, 2012<br> <h2><a href=wind.html><font color=0000CC>Wind And Dined</h2></a>May 28, 2012</font><br> <h2><a href=disease.html>We've Gone Viral!</h2></a>May 14, 2012<br> <h2><a href=sprinkles.html>Sprinkles The Clown</h2></a>May 7, 2012<br> <h2><a href=bandnamesagain.html>Three Years Of Band Names</h2></a>May 2, 2012<br> <h2><a href=chewing.html>De Masticatione Mortuorum</a></h2>April 19, 2012<br> <h2><a href=rot.html>How About A Movie?</a></h2>April 14, 2012<br> <h2><a href=wood.html>Where?</a></h2>April 13, 2012<br> <h2><a href=hardquestions.html>Questions Google Can't Answer</a></h2>April 8, 2012<br> <h2><a href=oak.html>Garland Of Oak-Leaves</a></h2>March 23, 2012<br> <h2><a href=impositions.html>I Don't Mean To Impose</a></h2>March 22, 2012<br> <h2><a href=birds0.html>Michael Davidson 2: Revenge Of Him</a></h2>March 7, 2012<br> <h2><a href=nervousnorvus.html>Nervous Norvus Lyrics World</a></h2>February 29, 2012<br> <h2><a href=liar.html>I'm In A Band Name</a></h2>February 20, 2012<br> <h2><a href=fame.html>The Big Break</a></h2>February 16, 2012<br> <h2><a href=smiler.html>The Smiler At The Foot Of The Bed</a></h2>January 27, 2012<br> <h2><a href=who.html>Who?</a></h2>January 20, 2012<br> <h2><a href=tips.html>Centenarian Longevity Tips</a></h2>January 16, 2012<br> <h2><a href=god.html>Just A Lighthearted Lark</a></h2>January 14, 2012<br> <h2><a href=gate.html>Heaven's Gate</a></h2>January 11, 2012<br> <h2><a href=coct.html>Cocteau Twins - <blink>Hot Download</blink></a></h2>January 4, 2012<br> <h2><a href=2011.html>2011 Roundup</a></h2>January 2, 2012<br> <h2><a href=allball.html>A Halloween Ball</a></h2>December 21, 2011<br> <h2><a href=sellout.html>You Can Catch Me In The Amazon</a></h2>December 21, 2011<br> <h2><a href=pyongyang.html>Pyongyang</a></h2>December 18, 2011<br> <h2><a href=cull.html>Which U.S. Presidents adhered most faithfully to National Socialism?</a></h2>December 18, 2011<br> <h2><a href=ny.html>It's A Hell Of A Town</a></h2>December 16, 2011<br> <h2><a href=sults.html>The 'Sults</a></h2>December 9, 2011<br> <h2><a href=trainsformer.html>Trainsformer: A Memoir</a></h2>December 7, 2011<br> <h2><a href=money.html>Let's Make Money</a></h2>December 2, 2011<br> <h2><a href=yourself.html>Get To Know Yourself</a></h2>November 26, 2011<br> <h2><a href=egg.html>The Tale Of Michael Davidson The Turkey Egg (Now With "Fascinating" Illustrations!)</a></h2>October 31, 2011<br> <h2><a href=pud.html>What Is A Pud?</a></h2>October 19, 2011<br> <h2><a href=why.html>Why Am I In This Book?</a></h2>October 12, 2011<br> <h2><a href=corkkargah.html>Google Maps Directions From Cork To Lashkar Gah</a></h2>October 5, 2011<br> <h2><a href=bigpulp.html>Face Stealer</a></h2>September 30, 2011<br> <h2><a href=politicalcartoon.html>The Stocks</a></h2>September 30, 2011<br> <h2><a href=bulldogant.html>Animal Re-runs</a></h2>September 15, 2011<br> <h2><a href=numbs.html>Has Counting Got You Down?</a></h2>August 31, 2011<br> <h2><a href=ads.html>Commercialization</a></h2>August 29, 2011<br> <h2><a href=quake.html>East Coast Death Shake</a></h2>August 24, 2011<br> <h2><a href=ma.html>Word For Your Mother</a></h2>August 18, 2011<br> <h2><a href=bumpstick.html>Religious Bumper Stickers</a></h2>August 8, 2011<br> <h2><a href=rap.html>My Rap</a></h2>July 15, 2011<br> <h2><a href=sudan.html>I Made Sudan History, And As A Result, Am A Historian</a></h2>July 9, 2011<br> <h2><a href=teen.html>Thirty-Three Stories A Teenager Wrote</a></h2>June 21, 2011<br> <h2><a href=groan.html>Haiku Fury</a></h2>June 1, 2011<br> <h2><a href=supermoon.html>Super Moon</a></h2>May 31, 2011<br> <h2><a href=superstition.html>Seven Superstitions</a></h2>May 13, 2011<br> <h2><a href=choo.html>An Explanation, Confession, Apology</a></h2>May 12, 2011<br> <h2><a href=loops.html>Going In Circles</a></h2>April 29, 2011<br> <h2><a href=99.html>Over Eight Dozen Posts</a></h2>April 20, 2011<br> <h2><a href=chinese.html>Carbon Gangrene Disease</a></h2>April 18, 2011<br> <h2><a href=roll.html><blink>Revenge Of The Ghosts</blink></a></h2>April 10, 2011<br> <h2><a href=less.html>Where Are The Hits Going?</a></h2>April 5, 2011<br> <h2><a href=return.html>Back To Work</a></h2>April 3, 2011<br> <h2><a href=vacation.html>I Will Post What You Send Me</a></h2>March 22, 2011<br> <h2><a href=swordfish.html>The Hamafoan</a></h2>March 23, 2011<br> <h2><a href=quiz.html>Twenty Questions</a></h2>March 22, 2011<br> <h2><a href=illusion.html>An Optical Illusion</a></h2>March 20, 2011<br> <h2><a href=adventure.html>Choose Your Own Adventure</a></h2>February 21, 2011<br> <h2><a href=doofies.html>The Doofie Awards</a></h2>February 21, 2011<br> <h2><a href=sealand.html>Sea Animals Named After Land Plants</a></h2>February 19, 2011<br> <h2><a href=alain.html>Jehan Alain Is A Hundred</a></h2>February 7, 2011<br> <h2><a href=hatemail.html>Hate Mail</a></h2>January 27, 2011<br> <h2><a href=contest.html>Poetry Contest</a></h2>January 13, 2011<br> <h2><a href=webmaster.html>My Highly Polished Resume</a></h2>January 11, 2011<br> <h2><a href=silli.html>"Just Joking"</a></h2>January 10, 2011<br> <h2><a href=elizaandme.html>Eliza and Me</a></h2>January 8, 2011<br> <h2><a href=faq.html>Frequently Asked Questions</a></h2>January 4, 2011<br> <h2><a href=robber.html>How To Get Robbed</a></h2>December 30, 2010<br> <h2><a href=peeve.html>Pet Peeve Samplers</a></h2>December 29, 2010<br> <h2><a href=spiders.html>Spider Scariness-Bigness Ratio Index</a></h2>December 29, 2010<br> <h2><a href=uzbek.html>The Big Move</a></h2>December 20, 2010<br> <h2><a href=milk.html>Milk Adventure</a></h2>December 15, 2010<br> <h2><a href=cakes.html>Maldiction Des Petits Gteaux</a></h2>December 3, 2010<br> <h2><a href=allemande.html>Bonne SSur Allemande</a></h2>November 28, 2010<br> <h2><a 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Night</h2></a> March 22, 2010<br> <h2><a href=ghosts.html>The Haunted Post</h2></a> March 22, 2010<br> <h2><a href=roam.html>Learn to Count to Forty Seven in Latin</h2></a> March 14, 2010<br> <h2><a href=homophones.html>A Collection Of Most Useful Homophones For The Readers' General Perusal</h2></a> March 10, 2010<br> <h2><a href=SeaBeast.html>Marine Animal Love Poetry</h2></a> March 3, 2010<br> <h2><a href=flasher.html>The Same Flash Cartoons As Before</h2></a> February 28, 2010<br> <h2><a href=SloppyToes.html>Four Jokes</h2></a> February 27, 2010<br> <h2><a href=FattedCalf.html>Fatted Calf</h2></a> February 25, 2010<br> <h2><a href=Sfax.html>The Unpleasant Truth</h2></a> February 1, 2010<br> <h2><a href=koshervegan.html>A Message From My Hand</h2></a> December 30, 2009<br> <h2><a href=horse.html>What They Say In "I Am A Horse"</h2></a> December 30, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Klouds.html>Killer Klouds From Outer Space</h2></a> December 30, 2009<br> <h2><a href=thedargster.html>The Story Of The Vivian Girls, In What Is Known As The Daily Doofus</h2></a> December 21, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Words.html>A Retraction And An Apology To You</h2></a> November 27, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Nursekin.html>Happy National Meaninglessness Month!</h2></a> November 22, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Deech.html>The Official Lyrics To Dieche Again</h2></a> October 12, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Luth.html>Locked In A Church</h2></a> October 6, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Idor.html>Another List You're Quite Intelligent Enough To Appreciate</h2></a> September 30, 2009<br> <h2><a href=brains.html>Get A Migraine Today!</h2></a> September 2, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Extrae.html>EXTR&#198;, EXTR&#198;, I'm Correct As Heck!</h2></a> August 26, 2009<br> <h2><a href=johnsonmudde.html>Johnson Mudde</h2></a> August 26, 2009<br> <h2><a href=YeBibe.html>Random Bible Passages</h2></a> August 22, 2009<br> <h2><a href=facebook.html>Facebook Is Making You Awkward</h2></a> August 21, 2009<br> <h2><a href=sexism.html>Sexism Is Good</h2></a>August 12, 2009<br> <h2><a href=BigCreep.html>The Big 'Creep'</h2></a>August 11, 2009<br> <h2><a href=PeaDeaReg.html>Peasantry Death Register (Featuring An Impressive Table!)</h2></a>August 10, 2009<br> <h2><a href=thehots.html>Pictures Of Attractive People</h2></a>August 8, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Dailiness.html>A Punctual Update</h2></a>August 7, 2009<br> <h2><a href=AllDoomed.html>The Death Of Civilization</h2></a>August 3, 2009<br> <h2><a href=purch.html>Purchase College</h2></a>August 2, 2009<br> <h2><a href=NonFict.html>How to Name Your Non-Fiction Book</h2></a>August 1, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Muntz.html>Months Rock</h2></a>July 31, 2009<br> <h2><a href=bandnamesagain.html>Band Names To Guarantee Success</h2></a>July 30, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Stories.html>Writing Is Fun</h2></a>July 29, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Pump.html>The Story Of Pump</h2></a>July 28, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Songz.html>Songs to Memorize Compulsively</h2></a>July 27, 2009<br> <h2><a href=markwee.html>Marquis de Sade</h2></a>July 26, 2009<br> <h2><a href=BottomWorst.html>Bottom Worst</h2></a>July 25, 2009<br> <h2><a href=LaBolduc.html>I Want To Go Out With La Bolduc</h2></a>July 24, 2009<br> <h2><a href=TopTen.html>Top Ten</h2></a>July 23, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Jerks.html>Two Sick Flatterers Meet In The Woods</h2></a>July 22, 2009<br> <h2><a href=BandNames.html>The Sex Gang Children</h2></a>July 21th, 2009<br> <h2><a href=flasher.html>Flashington</h2></a>July 20th, 2009<br> <h2><a href=Intelligence.html>Being Smart Is Stupid</h2></a>July 19th, 2009 <br><br>